Sustainable aviation fuel is at the heart of industry plans to decarbonise, said Noaman Al Adhami, UK Country Manager for Alfanar, at the Sustainable Skies World Summit 2023.

Saudi-headqurted Alfanar is primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical construction products, EPC solutions for conventional and renewable power plants, allied engineering services and design engineering.

The company is also involved in decarbonisation projects and has built up an international presence throughout much of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

“As a group we are committed to the decarbonisation journey,” said Al Adhami. “We were very successful in being a big player in the decarbonisation of power and we strongly believe that what is next is the decarbonisation of transport and SAF or sustainable aviation fuel is on the top of the … let’s say there’s a high demand and a high requirement to decarbonise aviation.”

Lighthouse Green Fuel project

Alfanar is leading a project in Teesside, in northeast England, where the company is investing one billion pounds in the “Lighthouse Green Fuel” project to produce sustainable aviation fuel from waste.

The project, which is the first of its kind in the UK, produces more than 180 million litres of sustainable aviation fuel annually in the United Kingdom.

This amount of sustainable aviation fuel is sufficient to operate 15,000 flights per year, reducing harmful carbon emissions from conventional fuels by more than 700,000 tonnes annually.

The project is part of Alfanar’s ongoing Green Energy Development program in different parts of the world, including Spain, India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The Alfanar executive added: “We are using household waste as a main input, but then we refine it, we do remove all the contaminants and of course the recyclables will also be will be removed. So what we will take is the non recyclable waste, which is difficult to recycle. And then we use that as a feedstock for our process.”
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