RYSE Aero Technologies, the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) company, has announced its successful launch of manned flight for their first offering, an all-electric ultralight vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, the RYSE RECON.

The successful launch of multiple test flights began on 27 June 2022, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The test flights exceeded expectations, resulting in the successful testing of the ultralight eVTOL flight control systems and saw the RECON complete a takeoff, controlled hover, forward flight, pivot turn manoeuvres, and a landing, performing optimally in a stable flight envelope.

‘Make flight accessible to all’

“Today’s test flights were a monumental step forward in accomplishing our mission, which is to provide an accessible aircraft to people with a purpose and make flight accessible to all,” said Mick Kowitz, CEO of RYSE Aero Tech. “We proved today that this vehicle is reliable, stable, and enjoyable, but most importantly, it’s safe.”

The aircraft is slated to be delivered to customers in early Q2 2023.
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