Maxim Prokhorov, Russian Helicopters, explains more about the Ansat.

Manufactured at the Kazan Helicopters plant and powered by a PW 207K Pratt & Whitney engine , Ansat is a new model from Russian Helicopters. It is one of the outputs of Russian Helicopters’ focus on developing products for civil customers over the last decade.

Ansat means “simple” in the Tatar language and the philosophy of simplicity was used to guide the design of the helicopter.

Maxim Prokhorov, Russian Helicopters, explained: “This is a lightweight twin-engine helicopter. It’s a new helicopter – it’s a multifunctional platform, which can be used to transport cargo, passengers and search-and-rescue, as well as medical evacuations.”

A Russian state HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) programme, including 100 helicopters, uses the Ansat.

For the future, Prokhorov says Russian Helicopters will continue to have a strong focus on the civil product line.

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