Rolls-Royce has taken massive strides with its three-pillar sustainability approach of developing the gas turbine, supporting the introduction of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and creating new technologies such as electrification, something that the new Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Grazia Vittadini is overseeing and implementing. Vittadini’s previous experience as CTO of Airbus has proven valuable in Rolls-Royce’s dedication to the transition to net-zero.

“It’s such an honour and privilege serving Rolls-Royce as CTSO, really pioneering the power that matters and leading the transition to net-zero,” said Vittadini. “This is one of the strategic pillars of the company.”

With the focus on the future of flight, Rolls-Royce’s new generation of engines is aiming to transform flight and set new benchmarks in efficiency, environmental performance and precision engineering, with the Advance and UltraFan jet engines.

A ground-breaking solution

“The UltraFan demonstrator is in full progress in Derby. It includes advanced technologies, for instance, lean combustion systems, which will enable us to improve fuel efficiency, to reduce substantially non-CO2 emissions, minus 40 per cent we see on that front. Noise is also a type of emission, which we see a reduction of 35 per cent in noise levels. It’s a ground-breaking demonstration which is in full progress.”

A record-breaking solution

“We’ve seen our ground-breaking and record-breaking Spirit of Innovation, our all-electric racer, flying and testing positive which really demonstrates the pace of technologies around electrical flight is accelerating. It’s not just demonstrations, we are also enabling our customers to enter into service with advanced air mobility solutions.”

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