Electric seaglider company REGENT has secured additional funding from from Japan Airlines (JAL).

REGENT’s new category of electric vehicles, that operate exclusively over water, has generated more than $5 billion in orders.

With JAL’s investment, the two groups will work together to promote ecosystem development in underserved markets.

Seagliders are safe and sustainable

Yasushi Noda, JAL’s executive officer and senior vice president of Digital Innovation, said: “We are very pleased to make this investment in REGENT from our CVC, JAL Innovation Fund. We believe seagliders are a safe, sustainable, and economical solution and we are excited to work with REGENT to assess demand not only in Japan but around the world. We are delighted to add seagliders to JAL’s list of new challenges and are honoured to work with REGENT to explore the possibilities of seagliders.”

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