Global seating company RECARO announced record growth of almost 55% in 2022 and has outlined a plan for continued double-digit growth.

In 2022, RECARO generated a revenue of nearly 425€ million (incl. double digit R&D investment) and employed 2,500 personnel across its business divisions, which include RECARO Aircraft Seating, RECARO Gaming and Growag (rail seating).

In 2022, RECARO explored brand expansion opportunities. Key parts of the future growth strategy include double-digit investment in Growag, a leader in rail seating, as well as the 2021 RECARO Aircraft Seating expansion investment of 50€ million in the crash facility and flam lab, followed by facility expansions at RECARO Aircraft Seating in China (5€ million) and Germany (4€ million) in 2022. RECARO Aircraft Seating also maintained a global footprint throughout the pandemic and has returned to strong levels of recruiting across its five international sites.

RECARO Aircraft Seating

Employing more than 2,300 personnel, RECARO Aircraft Seating celebrated its 50-year anniversary and produced nearly 100,000 pax through its distinct hand manufacturing methods in 2022. Major customer awards in 2022 included Etihad selecting the bestselling CL3710, IndiGo choosing the lightweight BL3710, and the Lufthansa Group ordering 24,000 of the CL3710 and CL3810 seats.

The global economy class seating market leadership has been further expanded into business class with the latest fully-equipped cabins for Iberia and Air China, providing passengers with award-winning seats in business, premium and economy class.

In addition, the company launched its first-ever front row monument that was built in-house with composite materials for Iberia. RECARO Aircraft Seating anticipates more awards to be announced in 2023.

‘Emerge strong’

“RECARO had one clear goal since the beginning of the pandemic crisis: emerge strong. Our solid 2022 numbers and growing competencies reflect our accomplishments and I am confident that we are on the right path. A major part of our success was our unique workforce strategy during pandemic, which continues to ensure job security for RECARO employees in Germany,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO at RECARO Holding and RECARO Aircraft Seating.

“Our global team demonstrated the best of performance and team spirit, and I am beyond grateful and proud to be collaborating with such a great team.”Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter