Yuval Miller, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Rafael, explained more about the new capabilities of the latest SPICE iteration.

Miller said: “The SPICE air-to-ground family of munitions is actually comprised of three versions. We have a 2,000-pound, 1,000-pound, and a 250-pound version of the system. All of these versions were built to encounter the relevant and updated challenges of the battlefield – mainly engaging targets in highly GPS-jammed environments and highly defended areas.

“These munitions are able to work [in] a heavily jammed environment. All of the versions of SPICE have a unique, electro-optical seeker with SIM-matching technology. That enables the munition to engage the target with pinpoint accuracy under a heavily jammed environment.”

He added: “The latest addition to the SPICE family is the 250 version, which is the smallest munition. This is unique and actually a  leap forward in capabilities.”

One example of this ‘leap forward’ is the loading dock on the aircraft, Miller said.

“We are able to carry four times as much munition as the other SPICE versions. An F-16 can carry 16 of the SPICE 250 weapons, and the  F-15 can carry almost 30.”

Further, Miller said: “The SPICE 250 is able to engage fixed targets in jammed environments, like its two bigger brothers, but also to engage moving maritime targets, moving land targets, and also time-critical relocatable targets.”

He says this is done through “unique algorithms” in the seeker and with the on-board network data link system.

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