We caught up with Steve Gerber of QuEST Global, to find out more about how his company is helping global aerospace and defense companies to ‘create the frontier’.

Gerber said, “It’s an interesting time in aerospace, where aircraft demand is at an all-time high. Companies are challenged to meet that demand with improved quality at lower cost, while managing complex supply chains. Long gone are the times of being able to survive with simple solution offerings; nowadays pioneers in the industry are looking for partnerships and people that can bring high-value solutions that really lower their cost, help them get things on time – force multiply their teams to do things that they’ve maybe not done before.

He added: “QuEST is actually in the middle of that and is doing some exciting things to help these companies do things a bit differently.”

“Over our 20 years of experience, we’ve helped organizations in multiple industries transform the way they do things by providing end-to-end solutions. We look to provide things that free up our customers’ people to focus on those high-end innovations while we help them take care of some of the everyday things that are going on, and also provide solution accelerators for those digital challenges in aerospace 4.0 – things that are out in front of them,” Gerber said.

QuEST’s solutions include CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programming, process planning and tooling design, as well as aero structures design analysis and in-service repair and support. The company also provides end-to-end non-conformance management and offers expertise in aerospace 4.0, including augmented reality, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

“All those elements are now part of our service offering and can help companies get a new level of value” Gerber said.