QinetiQ has unveiled plans to increase its market activities within the Middle East with a view to developing its technology and creating localised manufacturing capabilities.

QinetiQ’s International Strategic Engagement Director Sophie Land explained: “Qinetiq is looking at how we can grow both our market outside of the UK but also how we can develop our technology.”

“In the Middle East there are some great science and technologists that we want to work with, there are some really interesting research and development organisations, but also there is the ability for us to grow in partnership in the region and to be able to develop and, potentially, export as well from here.”

Developing career opportunities in the Gulf

Lane said there was a real enthusiasm in the region for development of careers within the defence and security sectors.

She said: “What we really want to do is to grow sustainable businesses and, as we grow, to localise manufacture and increase jobs for local people and transfer technology and skills into the region.”

“We’ve been looking at joint ventures in the region and we are working in partnership here in the UAE with a company called MGE. At the moment, we are looking at establishing that as a business and looking at how we can grow that from a core base, working with the Emirati customer to be able to build the kind of sustainable level of growth that allows us to increase employment.”

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