PwC Strategy& UK and the UK Space Agency have released a new report seeking to help private capital investors better understand the space investment landscape, and the key dynamics and trends underpinning it.

The report also highlights the diversity of investment opportunities across the sector and the UK’s prominent position as a destination of global space capital.

The global space sector is now worth over $469bn, with 77% accounted for by the commercial market, and analysts project future growth of up to 11% per year. The sector also supports an estimated £370bn of UK GDP every year.

Investing in space

“This report will, I hope, shift perceptions about space, the opportunities it generates, and how investors can benefit society while generating attractive returns. There has never been a better time to invest in this incredible sector,” said Craig Brown, Investment Director, UK Space Agency.

In total, over $47bn of private capital has been invested across the global space sector since 2015, growing on average 21% per year. The UK has been a key hotspot, receiving 17% of this inflow, making it the second most attractive destination – only behind the US.

This capital was deployed into more than 600 companies operating across three stages of the space value chain, which helps to highlight the diverse ecosystem of companies and business models of the sector.


The growing investor base is also contributing to the prevalence of exit opportunities, with 163 space sector exit events since 2015 through private and public markets.

“Our analysis shows that there are opportunities for investors of all stripes; the industry contains asset-light and technology-driven businesses, as well as infrastructure assets and supporting services businesses, all of which stand to benefit from the significant growth of the global space industry,” said Matt Alabaster, Partner, PwC Strategy& UK.
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