Joe Moeggenberg is the co-founder, president, and CEO of LEVO, a company which hopes to “revolutionise” the Part 135 charter operators’ market.

LEVO’s software platform allows real-time flight bookings and offers comprehensive services such as marketing, operations, fleet management, scheduling, and accounting.

Moeggenberg, a recognised figure in business aviation, previously founded ARGUS International and held leadership positions at NetJets and Executive Jet Management. He spoke to FINN about the platform and his plans for the future.

How did the idea for LEVO come about, and what sets it apart?

My extensive experience at ARGUS, where I interacted closely with hundreds of charter operators, inspired the creation of LEVO. I identified a significant market demand for direct communication between operators and consumers.

LEVO addresses this need by offering a unique ERP/CRM tool designed specifically for the Part 135 industry, providing a seamless and integrated booking process. Unlike brokers, LEVO offers fully available trips with immediate pricing for any city pair, making it a game-changer in private aviation.

What is LEVO’s competitive edge?

LEVO’s mission is to redefine the management of FAA Pt 135 charter operators by providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations, optimise the booking process, and integrate with widely used current software. LEVO addresses industry challenges by providing a centralised platform that enhances communication, collaboration, and simplifies the booking process.

With real-time pricing, instant booking options, and intuitive interfaces, LEVO meets the growing demand for convenience and efficiency in the charter aviation sector. The platform’s emphasis on data sharing and collaboration fosters stronger partnerships and drives industry-wide innovation.

What has the development and launch process of LEVO been like?

LEVO has been in development for a couple of years, with JetRight as our beta and launch customer. After extensive testing, the platform is now ready to launch. The positive feedback from operators and growing interest from potential clients highlight its potential. LEVO’s foundation is built on comprehensive research and my deep industry knowledge, ensuring it meets the specific needs of Part 135 operators and their customers.

The launch has garnered enthusiastic responses from private jet management operators. Our innovative approach and comprehensive features are game-changers for operators. The platform’s real-time monitoring and seamless integration with an operator’s current technology stack improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. LEVO stands out from competitors through its comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically for the charter aviation sector.

The platform offers real-time email monitoring, seamless integration with any flight scheduling software, and a user-friendly marketplace for booking empty legs. Our commitment to innovation and open architecture, coupled with my deep industry experience, enables the platform to deliver unique solutions that set new standards for excellence.

How will LEVO impact the role of brokers in private aviation?

LEVO introduces an additional distribution channel, enhancing revenue opportunities for aircraft owners without eliminating the broker channel. It caters to discerning customers who prefer direct booking, offering them control and transparency in the process. This is a win-win for everyone involved, expanding the industry’s reach and providing more revenue for operators. LEVO’s open architecture allows full integration with existing legacy software, making it the first successful marketplace for private jet bookings.

What are the current focus areas and future plans for LEVO?

We are currently focused on ensuring a critical mass of aircraft before launching nationwide. Our early customers are based across the country, but expansion plans are well underway. LEVO’s system is designed to accommodate operators of all sizes, from small piston aircraft to large jets. Our rigorous vetting process ensures only certified Part 135 operators are listed, maintaining high standards of transparency and authenticity.

The charter market is thriving, and our timing aligns perfectly with industry trends. The biggest challenge is effectively communicating the platform’s unique benefits to consumers, ensuring they understand the direct and reliable service LEVO offers. Exciting developments are in the pipeline, promising a bright future for LEVO and its users.
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