Cyber security is a key component in keeping aircraft safe in the skies, said Bruce Jackson, president and managing director of Air Informatics.

Air Informatics provides a secure solution for aeroplane wireless connectivity, system security and information management, and serves the world’s airlines, regional jets, corporate and business, and the businesses that support them.

The company grew out of its consulting with Boeing for the development of the Boeing 787 and 747-8 programme

Prioritising safety

Jackson said: “These new aeroplanes, the A350, the B787, these aeroplanes are digital, software intensive, they are data intensive and connected. And like anything connected, there’s a threat of cyber security.

“This one is more dramatic than any other programme, because it’s a flight vehicle, it’s in the air.

“So how do we protect it? I have to know what happens in the hacks, and the challenges, but my entire focus is keeping the aeroplane safe, keeping the operator safe, keeping the industry and the passengers safe.

“We’ve worked within the construct of the regulators and their guidance to develop the systems and procedures to protect the digital aeroplane.”
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