Poll: Would you get in an un-piloted aircraft?

Poll: Would you get in an un-piloted aircraft?

We are closer to lift-off, but will people really want to get on-board?

Poll: Would you get in an un-piloted aircraft?

A recent report from UBS found that pilotless planes could technically be in operation as soon as 2025 and represent a $35 billion opportunity in terms of savings and new revenue.

Meanwhile, multiple companies including Volocopter, Lilium, Airbus, Uber, AeroMobil and more are all developing autonomous flying taxis.

While the technology may be there, the question is whether anyone will feel safe flying in them. What do you think?


  • Stev Avatar


    I think our children would get in a pilotless plane, but not for us oldies....

  • druck Avatar


    I'm both a software engineer and a private pilot, and I know that however good we software engineers are, we will never be able to foresee every possible situation a pilot-less aircraft could find itself in, and design software to handle it. I also know that even as an average pilot, I'd at least have a chance to use human ingenuity to save the lives of my passengers, in a way a computer never will.

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