Lightweight turbojet engine is exported for use in aerial target and combat element systems

Czech aircraft engine manufacturer PBS Velká Bíteš has developed PBS TJ150 to cater to the needs of aerial target and UAV markets.

The engine weighs just 19.6 kg, is 272 mm in diameter, offers 1,500 N thrust and has been derived from the company’s commercially successful PBS TJ 100 turbojet engine.

Engine weighs less than 20 kg

Katerina Fisova, sales representative for PBS Velká Bíteš said the new engine was being exporrted worldwide to customer in the aerial target drone or combat element systems sectors.

She said: “It’s a very powerful engine, it is not more than it 272mm but provides thrust of 150 kg – it has a unique power to weight ratio.”

“In general, we try to keep the engines as low as possible in weight and diameter but design them to be very powerful. This engines provides 150kg thrust but is no more than 20 kg in weight.”

PBS’ TJ100C has gained civil certification from European Union Aviation Safety Agency and is used in smaller aircraft.

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