At the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) this week, PAL-V has unveiled what it says is the world’s first production model flying car – the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer.

The 90-piece limited edition is based on the PAL-V Liberty which was unveiled last year at the GIMS.

Amongst other features, the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition is equipped with a dual control cockpit and the Electronic Flight Instrument System.

Mobility revolution

Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V, said: “The Pioneer Edition is for those that want to be part of a unique group that writes history with us. They will be at the forefront of a mobility revolution, where we will no longer have cars that can only drive. They will be the first ‘car-flyers’ in their country, fly-driving to any destination.”

Flying cars: Getting real

“Although more and more flying concepts are announced, only a handful of companies work on a real flying car: one that can both fly and drive, ideal for city-to-city mobility,” Mike Stekelenburg, Chief Engineer, PAL-V, commented.

“The combination offers unprecedented freedom: personal door-to-door flying mobility,” he added.

“The gyroplane principle not only provides us with a safe and easy-to-operate flying car but it also enables us to make it compact and within existing regulations, which is the most important factor to build a useable flying car.”

A gyroplane or gyrocopter is a type of rotorcraft that uses an unpowered rotor in free autorotation to develop lift. Forward thrust is provided independently, typically by an engine-driven propeller.

Watch our video on-board the PAL-V Liberty.

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