Anybody in the Pakistan Air Force flying the JF-17 fighter would have started out in something much smaller – the Super Mushshak trainer. Now, that aircraft is being sold to air forces around the world. We talked to PAC Kamra’s Group Captain Adil, who is in charge of this programme, about why the aircraft is becoming so popular.

Captain Adil said: “We have sold around 80 in the last two years.”

Among the customers are the air forces in Nigeria, Qatar, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Other negotiations are ongoing, he said.

Adil added: “Although, it has a lot of other roles as well, for the primary flight training of military pilots, I think this is the best suited aircraft. There are few contemporaries for this aircraft, because this aircraft has got auto-spin recovery –  it recovers out of spin automatically. There’s no other aircraft which does that right now in the primary flying training category. Moreover, all the aerobatics which are a requirement for the primary flight training of a military pilot, this aircraft can perform that.”