Parents who are frustrated by fractions and going gaga at grammatical terms can gain a lift with their home-schooling efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak thanks to a new aviation and defence themed platform from Osprey.

With working, home-schooling and self-isolating proving a monumental challenge for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic, ADS member Osprey has launched a new platform – Osprey KIDS – to help add variety to home schooling sessions. Osprey KIDS is a dedicated website providing aviation-based home learning, activities and resources for parents and children in both pre-school and the two key stages at primary school (KS1 and KS2).

Website offers free access to STEM activities

Osprey KIDS will feature fun aviation-based competitions, challenges and activities with the aim of helping make time spent at home home fly by. The website is free to access and available by visiting

Osprey KIDS is a fun and safe place for children of all ages to learn more about aviation. Osprey hopes it will also help encourage the next generation of aerospace engineers and those interested in working in the wider aviation and aerospace sectors.

The focus of Osprey KIDS’ activities are around the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Each week the team at Osprey will run activities and a competition for each group. Children will be encouraged to send in pictures or videos of their creations for judging and for posting on the website gallery.

The website aims to cater beyond families within the aviation industry, offering STEM-based fun activities that everyone can get their teeth into. You can access materials via the website and also take a look at the Osprey KIDS Hall of Fame which will be updated each week with new pictures and videos of the creations people send in for a chance to win an award or a prize.