The medium airlift was originally designated as a tanker, but now offers much more flexibility. Embraer is working hard to show that the KC-390 is a viable competitor to Lockheed Martin’s C-130.

Embraer’s defence chief executive, Jackson Schneider, explained: “The KC290 is a tanker but it’s more than a tanker. It brings to the market a multi-purpose platform.”

Schneider noted that the KC-390 can be used for medical missions, fire-fighting, cargo drops as well as search and rescue.

FINN was able to hitch a ride on the KC 390. Watch the video to take our tour.


The trick for Embraer is to get the aircraft in service with its domestic customer and then bring in international sales. A deal with Boeing may help.

“We bring to the market the solution of two big companies [who are] very well accepted in terms of product portfolio in the market [and they have] good reputations.”

“Boeing brings to us the sales capacity in some markets which are complementary to [ours]” he commented.

He said the partnership offers the best of both companies to clients.

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