The aerospace and defence sectors are growing “tremendously” in Ohio, Col. Joseph Zeiss Jr, senior adviser to the state’s governor on aviation and defence, said.

Speaking at the Farnborough International Airshow, Zeiss Jr said: “There is tremendous growth in Ohio and notably in the aerospace and defence world.

“Really it is in our installations: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which is really the centre of acquisition, research and development, and intelligence in the air force, growing tremendously, it is now over 35000 people, largest single site employer in Ohio.

“We are really encouraged by what is happening there.

“And NASA Glen … on the other end, again growing significantly. There is tremendous opportunity and growth in Ohio.”

Geography and capabilities

Commenting on what exactly draws companies to the state, he said: “The central portion of the United States, a significant population, is literally within one hours flight time of Ohio.

“One of the key ingredients is the confluence of capabilities that exist in Ohio. It’s the research and development, the national level laboratories, air force research laboratory, incredible world leaders in both aeronautics as well as space.”

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