Nearly 350 licences have been granted to companies in the UK space sector since July 2021, the UK Civil Aviation Authority has announced.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority is helping to develop a safe and thriving UK space industry as part of its work as the space regulator.

Some 343 licenses have been issued, with the regulator also monitoring more than 750 UK satellites in space.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority also issued the very first UK spaceport and launch licences last year and supported the deployment and sustainability of the OneWeb satellite constellation – one of the largest constellations in the world.

There are a further 25 applications at various stages in the pipeline from aspiring spaceports, launch and satellite operators, including some from Scottish businesses. The UK Civil Aviation Authority is also engaging with a further 20 potential applicants, including three UK spaceports.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority continues to engage with company  Skyrora ahead of its application for a UK launch licence. The space regulator will be involved in licensing all aspects of the first orbital launch from Scotland.

Scotland’s space sector

According to the Scottish Government, it is estimated that Scotland’s space sector could generate £4 billion for the Scottish economy by 2030, as well as creating 20,000 jobs in the sector.

As well as its emerging launch capabilities, Scotland has strong roots in satellite manufacturing, data and ground-breaking research.

Rob Bishton, Joint-Interim Chief Executive of the UK Civil Aviation Authority said: “With more than 340 licences granted across all aspects of space since July 2021, we’re continuing to play our role in enabling the space sector to grow and our engagement with industry is a key part of that.

“We are working constantly with industry to review and improve our processes to make sure the UK space sector is safe, sustainable, and successful. As the UK’s space regulator, it is our role to enable and support the sector so it can become world-leading.”
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