National Space Day, observed on the first Friday of May each year, is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and impact of space exploration on our society.

From improving our understanding of Earth’s climate and environment to developing cutting-edge technologies for communication, space exploration has transformed our way of life on Earth.

National Space Day

This becomes increasingly relevant amid Britain’s plans to become the next technology and science superpower by 2030, with the launch of the UK Space Agency’s International Bilateral Fund (IBF) helping this ambition materialise as it seeks to strengthen partnerships with strategic and emerging space nations.

Such increased interest, investment and collaboration within the sector shall in turn encourage further innovation through knowledge sharing, enhancing ongoing projects and help break down further barriers, such as cost and lack of expertise, preventing rich access to space.


Nadeem Gabbani, CEO of Exobotics comments: “Although much of space’s benefits are yet to be unlocked, it is important to celebrate the advancements and efforts made to this date. Collaborations shall strengthen ongoing projects and bring more to fruition, and address space access, which is on the rise of many agendas.”

“Exobotics is committed to lowering the barriers to entry to space for its customers, acting as an in-house satellite development to support those within and outside of the industry who may lack the resources, team, skill or experience to execute a complete space mission.”

“Strengthening ties with other countries involved in space exploration and garnering greater backing from both our government and international partners are crucial steps towards unlocking the vast potential that space offers, thereby facilitating the growth of UK’s businesses and society.”

“Increased coverage of space and the exciting opportunities it presents can not only spark interest for new businesses or investors, but also inspire young people to get into the field and offer fresh ideas for innovative tech and how to make space more accessible.”
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