Nasmyth Group believes that keeping the UK at the forefront of industrial design and manufacturing requires substantial investment in the future generation of engineers. It is set to open a new Academy training centre for apprentices.

The new facility is based at Nasmyth Bulwell in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire, one of the group’s 13 individual precision engineering companies.

The state-of-the-art centre will provide its apprentices with an up-to-date dedicated classroom, with a workshop area fitted with a variety of machining and tooling equipment to develop the apprentices’ skills and techniques during their training programme.

Apprentices across the group will have access to the new facility.

Future workforce

Simon Beech, Chief Operating Officer, Nasmyth, told FINN recently: “We employ over 50 apprentices in the group, but if you look back there’s probably 100 people that have gone through an apprentice programme.

“If you look at the demographics of the workforce, we’ve got a lot of people coming close to retirement, and we therefore need to look at bringing younger people in, who are the future of our company.”

Dan Taylor-Beard, who is doing a Naysmyth apprenticeship at the moment, said: “There are a variety of machines that I can progress through; you’re not just stuck on one machine. And it’s well structured for progression in terms of pay, where you want to be in your further career, that sort of thing.”

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