Moyola Precision Engineering has been awarded their third consecutive Gold performance award as part of the 21st Century Supply Chains (SC21) Operational Excellence (OE) programme for improving operational effectiveness and achieving supply chain excellence.

The Northern Ireland-based family business plays an integral part in the aerospace and defence supply chain. The SC21 programme helps small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), who supply major manufacturers in the aerospace and defence sectors, to make operational improvements, reduce overheads and improve their potential to grow. This helps the whole of the UK’s aerospace and defence industries raise their ability to compete in international markets.

SME has undergone 10-year transformation journey

Moyola initially signed up to SC21 in 2007 and since then, has worked its way up through Bronze and Silver performance standards to their first Gold Award in 2018. This award was the culmination of a 10-year transformation journey demonstrating exceptional performance in service through its established ability to deliver on time in full and to exacting quality standards in a globally challenging cost environment.

To achieve a Gold performance award, in a 12 month rolling performance indicator, companies need to consecutively deliver at least 99 per cent of the products or services on time and to the required quality, for a minimum of 99.99 per cent compliant products or services.

Business has grown more than 200 per cent

Moyola has seen a number of benefits of being a part of the SC21 OE programme, which includes improving their on-time delivery performance from 92 per cent to 99.62 per cent, improving their right first time quality to the customer from 98.3 per cent to 99.93 per cent and growing the business by more than 200 per cent. The improvements seen by Moyola have resulted in the evolution of a strong, customer-focussed business who deliver in excellence to its customers, shareholders, employees and wider community.

The SC21 OE programme is coordinated and governed by ADS, the UK trade association for the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

Mark Semple, CEO, Moyola Precision Engineering said: “We received our first SC21 award in 2011 and have used the programme as our main improvement tool in our business of delighting our customers and improving our operational performance. Maintaining the SC21 Gold Award for over three years is testament to the team at Moyola sustaining our focus to being amongst the best in class, even in this extremely challenging time. We are especially thankful to our customer base for their patience, guidance, and support over the many years of doing business together, without which our SC21 success would not be possible.

“We are now embarking on the SC21 Competitiveness and Growth Programme. Our initial assessment and feedback from some of our customers have identified many areas of improvements that we need to undertake to ensure our success in the future. We are looking forward to this stage of our journey, with the realisation that much hard work and change is ahead of us in our attempt to attain our vision of a truly delighted customer base.”

“Outstanding contributor”

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt added: “Moyola is an outstanding contributor to the SC21 OE programme. Their dedication to improvement during the last 13 years is recognised year on year as they continue to achieve operational efficiency and excellence.

“Moyola’s hard work in consistently achieving these standards is recognised by their customers and the industry. I congratulate them in achieving their third Gold Award and I am sure there will be many more to come.”
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