Surrey Satellites Technology Ltd introduced its work supplying the first data relay satellites around the moon at Space-Comm Expo.

Business Line Manager – Exploration, Nelly Offord Harlé, Business Line Manager – Exploration, said the event was a fantastic opportunity to focus the entire sector on innovation and future solutions.

“Sustainable presence around the moon”

Surrey Satellites is working in partnership with ESA to supply the very first data relay satellites around the moon. Offord Harlé explained: “That’s going to offer commercial communication services and demonstrate navigation services around the moon. So we’re here to showcase what we’re going to do – and it’s a very exciting prospect – and also explain exploration missions, what they can be expecting from 2024 onwards. Then following on with a whole infrastructure constellation that’s going to allow sustainable presence around the moon.”

The biggest challenge for all businesses, as well as Surrey Satellites was coming out of Covid Offord Harlé said: “Budgets are limited, ambitions are very strong. We have enormous challenges, financially, and to get that project going without any delay because the need is there, the will is there. The UK government is very strongly pointing to a UK strategy that is about expanding our planet – and we’re here to support it.”

She added that Space-Comm was a great opportunity to pass on the message that UK industry is here and “ready to go” and hoped the event would attract even greater numbers next year.

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