CEFA Aviation recently launched CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services) to enable pilots and flight crews to view a re-creation of their own flights as soon as they land.

Pilots can receive feedback right after landing on key segments of their flight, such as landing or take-off, while the events of the flight are fresh in their mind.

Dominique Mineo, Founder & CEO, CEFA Aviation, said: “These services are really a revolution for pilot training. It will allow each pilot to replay his flight just after landing, so that each flight becomes a training opportunity.”

He called it a “game changer” because “each pilot will be able to review [their] own flight, to train on a daily basis,” compared to three or four flight simulator training sessions a year.

The pilot’s view

Pierre Wannaz, Senior Adviser/Pilot (A380/A340), CEFA Aviation, also shared his view of the new system: “The first main advantage is the immediate availability of the data. These days when I ask for data, it takes days until we can [have a debrief] of the flight. Now, with the immediate availability…we have the mirror of reality in front of our eyes.”

He also pinpointed “objectivity” as a key advantage, noting that typically pilots only receive flight data because something has gone wrong.

“Now,” he said. “We also can learn from good experience, and that’s a very good point.”

He added: “If we have some issue where I have my perception, my co-pilot might have a different perception, then we go and we look at the tablet and then we have the facts. There’s no distortion of the reality.”

The customer’s view

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is a first adopter of the system. Hideo Morioka, Safety Promotion Division, ANA, said: “It will change greatly and contribute to safety [in the aviation industry].”

He added: “The pilot can seek for his own safety.”

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