Japanese manufacturer wants to increase passenger comfort levels with Spacejet M90, set for delivery next year

Mitsubishi is aiming to change the regional flight experience following certification of the Spacejet M90.

The Japanese aircraft manufacturer hopes the SpaceJet M75, M90 and larger SpaceJet M100, will bring about higher standards of comfort for regional travel passengers.

Alex Bellamy, Chief Development Officer of the Mitsubishi Spacejet, explained: “The typical impression of flying on an aircraft in the regional sector is that its cramped, its uncomfortable and you are not able to take your baggage.”

“Gatecheck is a big thing,” he added, “Leaving your baggage at the beginning of the jetway, getting onto the aircraft and hoping that it makes it to the end of the journey with you.”

Seats wider than long haul economy

The Mitsubishi Spacejet offers 18.5 inch wide seats, wider than many long haul economy seats, and overhead bins which can carry one rollerbag per passenger.

The Mitsubishi Spacejet M90 programme is in the final stages of certification and the larger 76-seat Mitsubishi Spacejet M100, which can take a higher passenger density of 88 seats in Europe is set for entry into service in 2023.

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