Marshall has been contracted by the United States Air Force (USAF) to design, build and demonstrate a containerised Deployable Operations and Maintenance System (DOMS) to facilitate extended access to aircraft support equipment.

“DOMS is a contract that will allow Marshall to play to several key strengths, including multi-domain logistics engineering, rapidly deployable infrastructure and capability enhancement for an aircraft we have supported for nearly 60 years,” examined Bob Baxter, chief growth officer at Marshall. The system is primarily intended for use with the Lockheed Martin C-130 tactical airlift platform, an aircraft Marshall has worked with since 1966.

The containerised system aligns with the USAF’s agile combat employment doctrine, which advocated operating across a network of dispersed locations. Marshall’s DOMS modules will be designed to be airlifted to non-permanent contingency locations where they can be quickly unloaded, moved and deployed where required.

The award of the contract follows what Marshall describes as an “innovative and highly competitive procurement process” that began in April 2023. Two proof-of-concept modules will now be built and tested at Marshall Canada’s new Moncton, New Brunswick facility, with on-site USAF demonstrations and evaluation to follow.
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