Aerospace software specialist Mannarino Systems & Software Inc launched its M-RTOS real-time operating system for aerospace and defence applications at FIA Connect.

The Montreal-based company which has 20 years’ experience of working on software systems for aerospace clients said the real-time system was launched to meet the need for more integrated systems and reduce costs.

Company President and founder John Mannarino explained the safety critical nature of aerospace operating software. He explained that the freezes and reboots we might occasionally tolerate on our personal devices could not be allowed to happen within aerospace applications. He added that software for aerospace was an “expensive proposition” as it was developed through engineering discipline and analysis and underwent rigorous testing.

Safety critical software: “lives are at stake”

“The main difference is the operating systems on airborne systems, generally, are safety critical. There are lives at stake in the functionality that the software is performing, therefore that software has to be deterministic and always do the right thing, always do the safe thing to accomplish its intended function. Never misbehave, never slow down, never halt, never freeze.”

“Always keep working to ensure the mission is succeeded. And if there are unexpected events, that the software always handles it in a safe manner.”

Software costs are rising rapidly

Software is a core element for aircraft manufacturers and associated businesses – and one that comes at a cost which is rising rapidly. “Projects have got larger and the costs to develop software to the rigour required is a tremendous problem. They need to get their software costs lower,” said Mannarino.

Mannarino is planning to disrupt the market by reducing software costs by 50 per cent. He said his clients, which include avionics, integrated avionics and those buying or generating electronic hardware, were tired of paying too much for products.

“Disruption is what we are aiming for”

The company has just signed a software development agreement with Lockheed Martin and is aiming to disrupt the market. “It’s absolutely disruption and that is what we are aiming at,” he added.

Mannarino explained: “We have learned over the years about what it takes for the operating system and any piece of software to be designed efficiently. We have great pedigree to do that.”

He added that as well as having “a good group of engineers with 20 years experience developing software, we now have the financial ability to develop a product on the market without having to recoup all of our initial investment costs. The combination of those two things allows us to just completely turn this market on its ear.”



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