Lilium is poised to enter the next phase of its testing campaign with the appointment of Chief Test Pilot, Andrew Strachan and the arrival of one of its 5th generation demonstrator aircraft (PHX2) at the ATLAS Flight Test Center in Villacarrillo (Jaen), Spain.

Lilium’s flight testing capabilities will expand beyond its German base with aircraft attaining higher speeds and longer distance flights. Andrew Strachan brings with him more than 30 years’ experience as an aircraft test pilot. Prior to joining Lilium, he served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and then had a successful career as a test pilot and later Chief Test Pilot at Leonardo Helicopters. Strachan has flown multiple types of aircraft throughout the full range of test flying activities.

“Driving the next phase of sustainable, aeronautical technology”

Lilium analysed multiple potential locations in Spain for key test conditions including land topology, weather, and facilities before confirming ATLAS, which provides optimal infrastructure and enables the aircraft to fly over a large, unpopulated area while transitioning fully into high-speed wing-borne flight. The facilities and support from CATEC (Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies) have been instrumental in setting Lilium up for a successful flight test campaign.

Andy Strachan, Chief Test Pilot at Lilium, said: “I’m thrilled to join Lilium at such an exciting moment in the company’s growth. As someone who has been influenced by aviation since childhood, it’s inspiring to be part of a company driving the next phase of sustainable, aeronautical technology.”

Alastair McIntosh, Chief Technology Officer at Lilium, added: “We’re excited for this next high-speed testing phase to begin in Spain and to welcome new Chief Test Pilot Andy Strachan who is an incredible addition to the Lilium team.”

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