The UK needs to encourage the next generation of space scientists to join the industry, said Maggie Aderin-Pocock, science communicator and presenter of the BBC’s The Sky at Night.

Speaking at the Space-Comm Expo 2022, Aderin-Pocock, herself a space scientist, said: “UK space is just buzzing. There’s so much going on.

“Later on this year, we’re expecting our first launch of a UK satellite on a UK rocket – and that’s actually going to happen within the UK. That just blows my mind.”

Growing sector

She added: “The number of scientists and engineers from the UK working on the James Webb Space Telescope, getting that data now and analysing it, they’re all over the country.

“It’s a sector that’s growing, and we need the next generation of space scientists coming through.”

‘Come join us!’

Commenting on how to encourage young people to join the sector, she said: “When people think of space, they think of NASA, they think of out there, but space is happening right here in the UK, and it’s doing fantastically, so it’s just trying to sell back to the kids.

“We are looking for scientists, we’re looking for engineers, we’re looking for lawyers, we’re looking for marketing, we’re looking for people across the board. So whatever anyone’s doing out there, they can come join us in the space industry.”
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