Wide view mirror allows passengers and crew to see inside cabin bins without stepping on seats

Passengers and cabin crew will find it easier to check overhead cabin bins for bottles and luggage without having to step on aircraft seats, with wider, bigger mirrors from KomyMirror.

The Japanese company is a specialist manufacturer of light, flat mirrors which can be used for aerospace and building applications. The mirrors aid passenger experience by helping them check overhead lockers for their belongings. They also assist carriers by enabling staff to make a quick check that all bins have been emptied after the flight.

Manager of Sales and Engineering, Minoru Goseki, said: “Passengers can see 100 per cent of the area inside the bin. After the passengers leave, the cabin crew need to check all of the bins are empty. They can look inside without stepping on the seat, because you can see easily.”

Wide view, flat mirror

Director Mike DePuyt added that KomyMirror’s technology gave passengers and crew a wider view without the need for convex mirrors which are formed from a bend or hump.

He explained: “What we have done is taken the wide view and made it a flat mirror, so you see about 130 degrees but it is a straight, flat mirror – and that’s why we are the first in the world.

KomyMirror are now manufacturing a bigger mirror than previous models currently fitted within the cabin lockers of Boeing 737s.

DePuyt added: “We are making mirrors for newer model aircraft. We have improved our technology to make it lighter and the reflection has become much clearer.”

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