Joramco, the Amman-based maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) provider and the engineering arm of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), has announced new maintenance deals with four airlines.

The agreements reached with MNG Airlines, euroAtlantic Airways, TUI and Flyadeal were announced at the MRO Europe event in London.

Under the agreement, Joramco will perform C checks and main landing gear and engine replacements on A300 and A330 cargo aircraft from the MNG fleet.

A separate agreement also stipulates that Joramco would perform heavy maintenance checks on TUI’s Boeing 787 aircraft.

Bolstering existing ties

TUI had previously entrusted Joramco with several of its other aircraft, including its narrow-bodied Boeing 737s as well as its Embraer fleet.

Under a new agreement with flyadeal, based in Jeddah, the relationship between the airlines will be enhanced,  after they first began working together in 2018.

Joramco will perform a major structural repair on aircraft from the flyadeal A320neo fleet, which will include Central and Lateral panels, Frame 1, Bulkhead, and aircraft painting.

The euroAtlantic Airways agreement stipulates that Joramco will perform heavy checks, paint, and placard installation on two Boeing 777.
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