Joramco Chief Commercial Officer Fraser Currie outlines the Jordan-based company’s partnership with Kenya Airways to FINN in an announcement made before the coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking shortly after the announcement, Currie said: “Joramco prides itself on the number of national flag carriers that we have in the facility in Tier One operators. So we’re delighted to the national flag carrier coming in from Kenya and the fact that it just enhances the relationship that we have. For Jordan, it’s fantastic. It’s really the combination of all the transformation that’s been going on at Joramco over the last few years.”

Joramco’s expansion has been made possible due to an increase in the number of maintenance lines. Currie explained: “Originally, we were only looking at eight lines. Then we did some recalculations, and we introduced new shift patterns, more people, and we went up to 15 lines. Today, I’m pleased to say that we’re at 17 lines of maintenance. Now that’s a mix of wide and narrow body.”

All Jordanian workforce is trained in-house

“We achieved that just through some clever use of what we call Five S by having everything in the right place at the right time on the shop floor and by moving a few offices and putting engineers back out onto the floor beside the aircraft.”

The all-Jordanian workforce is trained within the Part 147 Joramco Training Academy. Currie said: “The focus is twofold. One, to bring our own homegrown talent into Joramaco. And the second is, we want to encourage people, airlines and other people in the region to bring their staff to the one for seven Academy and benefit from having on the job training in our 145 facility.”

Currie added that it was the continuity provided by the workforce that set Joramco apart both regionally and internationally. He said: “It’s the skills of the people that set your Joramco apart, the mentality, the flexibility, going that extra extra mile. So to get those staff such a wonderful opportunity, as part of this transformation, with all the investment that’s coming in from, from our parent, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, and the vision of our CEO, Mr Jeff Wilkinson, it’s just a combination that a lot of people are going to be very envious of.”