In-house training programmes and additional hangars are helping Joramco meet the needs of an already growing Middle East market.

The company, based in Amman, Jordan, become the first independent MRO in the MENA region to receive the EN9110:2018 certification, demonstrating that they can meet the requirements of both their customers and any applicable regulatory bodies through the documented implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) that specifically addresses the needs of the industry.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA ) has forecast significant growth for the Middle East regional, reaching 501 million passengers by 2037. This will be achieved through a compound annual growth rate of 4.4 per cent.

Increasing the number of European approvals

Fraser Currie, Chief Commercial Officer, Joramco, explained how the company was responding to IATA’s predictions: “We are owned by Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, one of the largest lessors in the world, so we have great insight into this growth potential that IATA is talking about.”

“To go down the EN9110 route is something that is essential to work with the OEMs – Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, so that is one aspect. The second aspect is increasing the number of European approvals that we have. We have recently gone down the new generation aircraft, route where the growth is coming so we are approved on Airbus A320 neo, Boeing 787, 737 MAX and we have also gone for Boeing 777.”

Currie said that the company was adapting to meet the needs of OEMs. He said: “Our capabilities are expanding, so the next question is how do we increase capacity? We are 15 lines of maintenance at the moment, growing to 19 lines and that is happening right now. The next level will be a decision on further hangar expansion.”

In-house training programmes mean no skills shortage

While many parts of the world struggle with skills shortages, Currie said Joramco’s own in-house training programmes meant a ready supply of trained staff.

“Its a worrying trend when you look at the shortages that Airbus and Boeing predict annually and globally,” he said.

“We have our own Part 147 training academy which we put all new graduates through, so we have a very strong pipeline. We have fantastic training programmes in-house. We don’t actually suffer from the same shortages that, say, the European Union would have.”

“Joramco is very much a Jordanian Company for a Jordanian workforce, so as you would look to another MRO and you would find an element sub-contracted international labour, Joramco is 99 per cent Jordanian. There’s just one or two of us who are there in expat roles. We are pretty secure for the future.”

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