Japan’s First Airlines is offering virtual reality (VR) flight experiences for people who want the feeling of taking a flight without the hassle of a real trip.

The ‘flights’ offer VR experiences to places such as New York, Paris, Rome and Hawaii. Soon the company plans to add domestic routes in Japan. The experience comes complete with simulated take-off and landing, engine sounds and even the safety demonstration, along with an in-flight meal in keeping with the destination location.

Passengers can sit back in their A380 or A340 aircraft seats and enjoy VR tours of the destination city on ‘arrival’.

The two-hour virtual reality experience costs between £30 and £40, and business and first class options are available.

Feet on the ground

First Airlines manager, Hiroaki Abe, told CNN: “If I can easily access the airport and take a flight even though it’s virtual, I thought it would be so cool.”

He said that the service is popular with elderly passengers who can’t travel due to health or mobility, as well as those who can’t afford trips or don’t have time.

There are a number of aviation-themed restaurants on board aeroplanes, such as the DC-6 Diner in the US and Runway 1 in India.

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