ITA Airways, the new national Italian carrier, has selected Safran Landing Systems wheels and carbon brakes to equip its six Airbus A350 and twenty A320neo fleets.

Safran Landing Systems A350 and A320neo equipment both provide a significant weight advantage compared to competing products, the company said, contributing to ITA Airways’ objective and commitment to minimise its environmental footprint and by saving more than 300 tons of CO2 emissions per year across its fleet.

The A350 equipment also features a unique design that provides faster cooling for shorter turnaround times  and increased fleet availability.

11,000 aircraft

Safran Landing Systems wheels and brakes are a market leader thanks to reliability and performance and they equip over 11,000 aircraft to date.

Alessio Leone, head of maintenance operations at ITA Airways, said: “We share a long-standing collaboration of trust with Safran Landing Systems.

“Their wheels and carbon brakes are the ideal solution, not only in regard to our performance and maintenance costs requirements but also because they offer an important weight reduction and we are confident to confirm endurance benefits that are in line with our sustainable strategy and ‘Born To Be Sustainable’ claim.

“We are committed to our customers to become the Europe’s greenest air carrier by 2026 and Safran helps us to do that.”
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