Leonardo Helicopters AW149 can be used for troop transportation or special missions

Leonardo Helicopters AW149 will provide a solution for countries with ageing multimission helicopters.

Geoff Munday, Managing Director of Leonardo Helicopters UK said: “It’s very modern reliable and cost effective helicopter, which we believe is ideal for a number of governments, who will be looking to upgrade their ageing multi-mission helicopter fleets. It can be adapted in the sense that we can situational awareness sensors, or sensors for self protection which will also enable it to do a wide variety of military missions.

“It can do troop transport, medevac, casevac, search and rescue, combat search and rescue – its really a multi mission platform.”

In a civil role, the helicopter is suitable for oil and gas operations with a cabin that can carry 19 people inside. Munday said the large cabin space was also suitable for troops or storage for various missions. It could also be ruggidised or armoured for self-protection or supplied with heavy duty landing gear, depending on customer requirements.

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