Sprung Structures specialises in modular, relocatable building systems. The company’s Barry Cruse explains how the buildings survive in extreme weather conditions.

Sprung Structures creates modular, relocatable building systems for industries including agriculture, gaming and the military.

Sprung Structures’ Barry Cruse says these ‘pop-up’ facilities are ideal for military applications because they’re immediately deployable, cost-effective and engineered to handle extreme conditions like hurricanes, blizzards and sandstorms.

Facilities such as army barracks, marine corps barracks and air force facilities can be set up, and moved, with minimal manpower. These buildings can even include insulation, doors and windows for natural lighting.


Cruse explains: “The difference between our product and any other product out there is that we’re using hydraulics to tension the building. Because of  the fabric’s tension, when the wind hits it, it tends to push the building more down into the ground rather than lift up.”

He added: “We also have a variety of different options [such as] tying one building to the next building. “

The company’s structures are recyclable and recoverable, Cruse said, commenting: “We can move them 100% from one location to another location without having to replace any spare parts.”

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