Access to capital and talent are top of the wishlist for boosting the growth of the commercial space sector, according to QinetiQ MD for Space, Jim Graham.

QinetiQ Space is a key strategic partner in near-earth and deep space, developing building, testing and operating complex space infrastructures and systems to ensure future advantage for civil and military customers.

The company works in partnership with the European Space Agency on projects which push the boundaries of space exploration and those that protect critical national infrastructure, including secure navigation receivers for Galileo PRS, transceivers for the Mars Rovers and experiments for NASA.

Innovation, capital and talent will enable sector growth

Graham was a seminar speaker at Space-Comm Expo. His session explored how the role of space in everyday life was evolving and growing. It also explored the need to boost commercialisation in the space sector through innovation, access to capital and talent.”Speaking at Space-Comm Expo, Jim Graham said: “We were doing a session on how innovation can support the future of space. It was an exciting session supported by European Space Agency and other industry players and we got the opportunity to talk about how innovation is going to support our future in the industry.”

The company’s T6 electric propulsion engines are currently propelling the European Space Agency’s BepiColombo mission to Mercury. The development of satellites which will contribute to critical climate change research is also the subject of tow research programmes which have helped to prepare for the development of satellites which will contribute to critical climate change research.


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