FINN’s Andy Marlor takes a trip through the Paris Air Lab, meeting some of the start-ups and innovators using tech to solve some of aerospace’s greatest challenges.

Suits for a mission to Mars and biofuel which can reduce aircraft emissions by 80 per cent are among the innovations showcased within the Paris Air Lab at this year’s Paris Air Show.

Set below the fuselage of supersonic aircraft Concorde which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the Paris Air Lab hosts both leading manufacturers and high tech start-ups from across the globe.

Across the week, the Paris Air Lab has played host to debates, keynotes and meetings with guests such as Apollo 16 astronauts as well as demonstrations of new technology such as virtual reality.

The aim of the Paris Air Lab is not just to showcase the latest innovations, but also to discover how they can be implemented to solve some of the industry’s biggest future challenges. These include tackling climate change, developing insight through efficient use of artificial intelligence and capitalising on different forms of mobility.

Take a tour

Join Andy and watch the video for a quick tour of the Paris Air Lab, as he learns more on:

  • How biofuel made from cooking oil can reduce 80 per cent of Co2 emissions with no modification required for aircraft use
  • What a space suit suitable for travel to Mars might look like
  • The opportunities available from a drone with a payload of up to 20 kilos
  •  How a generator can meet the onboard electricity requirements of hybrid electric aircraft
  • A light battery powered by 18 Lithium Sulphur cells which is designed to function within a low-pressure environment

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