Technology connects drones, end points and live streams data for military and security missions

Atlas Dynamics has set out to solve of one of the biggest challenges of drone operations – mission consistency.

The technology, which has been unveiled by the designer and manufacturer of autonomous UAV systems, collects received data in real time from the video, telemetry, and sensors of all drones connected and operating simultaneously. Automated connection and communication inside the MESH ensure continual mission operation. ln the event that one drone needs to return for recharging, AtlasMESH maintains operational presence by sending a “Hot Swap” replacement drone until the original returns.

Connecting all components of system

Guy Cherni, Co-founder and CMO, Atlas Dynamics said: “What Mesh enables, is connection between all the components of the system, numerous drones, numerous end points. I can use from one operating system and send several drones to the same mission.”

He described how AtlasMESH helped enable mission consistency: “I can send one drone above a target, and then when its battery is getting low, a second drone will go autonomously to replace it and only when it’s there, provide me with the image I need. Then the second drone is going to come back. That way I can get missions consistency above the target for hours at a time.”

He added: “I can also use the same two drones or several drones to relay each other, say if I have problematic terrain I am sending one drone up in the sky and it transfers communication from the ground control station to the drones inside valleys or woods.”

Livestream to different devices

Data operators can use livestream to send information from the drone to personnel on the ground to the correct area, whether they are using operational technology or an iPhone.

Cherni said the technology would help when there is “no time to waste” and would ultimately save lives. The technology has already been used for security and protection for the Copa America football event in collaboration with Rio de Janeiro Military Police.

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