Iberia is celebrating the 30 year anniversary of base maintenance services it provides for the Airbus A320 family.

On December 19th, 1990, Iberia received its first A320 Sierra de Cazorla, which had its first C1 Check completed on 25th March 1992 in Iberia’s Base Maintenance Hangars at La Muñoza.

Three decades later, Iberia Maintenance has performed 4,000 heavy checks, including C-checks and six and 12 year inspections of the A320 family aircraft.

This figure includes Iberia, IAG group aircraft, and multiple third-party customers, in the Madrid and Barcelona hangars.

Experienced team

A team of more than 1,000 professionals supports the performance of the actual checks and any repair rectifications that follow based on inspection findings.

Jorge Michalowski, airframe services director at Iberia Maintenance, said: “In 1992, Iberia Maintenance performed the first C-Check on an A320 family aircraft.

“It was the first A320 received by Iberia called Sierra de Cazorla. At that time, and little by little, we set out on a path to position ourselves as a major maintenance service provider for the A320 familiy and this was possible thanks to the Iberia Maintenance team.

“We will continue the journey as we strive to be a European Reference Centre for the major maintenance of the A320 family”.
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