The US and Bahrain are partnering in the space sphere to encourage the next generation of talent to join the industry, said Steven Bondy, America’s top diplomat in the country.

“The United States has been the global leader in space exploration since the time I was born … and we’re delighted that we’re partnering with Bahrain, not only to bring very, very capable young Bahraini students and a teacher to space camp, but also in a more formal way, and that is through the Artemis Accords, which is an international agreement for the peaceful application of space technology,” the US ambassador to Bahrain said.

Gender gap

Commenting on the gender imbalance across the aerospace industry, Bondy said: “All societies are addressing this gap in terms of opportunities for women, for young women in particular, and I think by giving two scholarships, two men and two scholarships for women, like we did today is showing the equity in the gender relationships.

“Look, 50 per cent of the population of this earth is female. They are going to be driving the future and we just have to give them opportunities.”
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