Thomas Bolzli, CEO, Swiss Rotor Solutions, told us more about the Maximum Pilot View Kit for the H125 Squirrel Ecureuil helicopter.

According to Swiss Rotor Solutions, the Ecureuil/Squirrel has the best performance in its class. However, pilot visibility is insufficient, and pilot head space is limited – critical factors during demanding operations. Known visibility improvements had not resolved the restricted pilot view to a satisfactory level.

The Maximum Pilot View Kit aims to improve safety and reduce pilot fatigue.

Bolzli explains, “We cut a hole in the main structure in the floor….but we reinforced [with] a single piece of aluminium. Afterwards, the whole structure is stronger than before.”

He added: “We have to understand first that a pilot needs as much visibility as possible to get a visual reference point for his eyes. This allows him to stabilise his helicopter. The more visual reference points the eyes get, the more stable the helicopter will be. And that’s what we made through this huge window, no obstruction on it. And on the vertical side we made a huge hole that is 10 times bigger than most, the biggest existing solution so far. It allows the pilot to see actually everything now.”

According to Swiss Rotor Solutions’ site, “The Maximum Pilot View Kit increases the pilot’s vertical view by factor 10.”