How millennials see the future of flying

How millennials see the future of flying

Environmentally friendly aircraft, ride-sharing and the ability to fly when and where you want – these are the expectations of millennials when it comes to flying, according to a new survey published this week by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

How millennials see the future of flying

The survey, Expanding Horizons: How Millennials see the Future of Business Aviation, was published in cooperation with ThinkYoung and released at the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2018) in Geneva this week.

It asked young people between 18 and 25 in four key European countries – Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland – about mobility, business aviation and the future of sustainable personal air transport.  

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Millennial views on transport are closely linked to concerns about the environment: 40% said that climate change is the megatrend that will have the biggest impact on the development of sustainable personal air transport. Artificial intelligence and digitisation come next. They also expect most research on innovation in aviation to focus on making air transport more sustainable.
  • Millennials say the best thing about business sviation is the freedom and flexibility that it offers: 62% believe that the main benefit of business aviation its ability to take people where they need, when they need.
  • Millennials believe that while technology will find solutions to mobility questions, there will still be concerns about cost, trust and safety. For example, 60% of millennials are ready to use ride-sharing air services, but only 46% are ready to use automated ride-sharing air services.

EBAA Chairman Jürgen Wiese said: “Integrating the next generation into our industry is paramount for the sector to master the transition into the next age of aviation. This report shows how this can be done and is just a starting point for many more encounters to follow. We are committed to listening and engaging with Millennials to expand our horizons together.”

ThinkYoung’s Founder, Andrea Gerosa, added: “Millennials are rarely asked what they think, but they will determine our future. EBAA has looked two steps ahead: they have asked the next generation for their opinions on the future of transport, and they have pledged to take on board the messages from millennials.”

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