Leonardo Helicopters UK is helping lead the digital transformation of the aerospace industry from the design of the aircraft to the support that is provided to operators in the field, Mark Burnand, the company’s chief test pilot, said.

Speaking during the Farnborough International Airshow 2022, he said the focus on digital innovation was in evidence “across the Leonardo product line”.

Asked how Leonardo Helicopters UK had positioned itself at the forefront of this transformation, Burnand said it was by “building great aircraft that have open architecture on board them, and then supported or mentored by the Leonardo electronics division as well”.

‘End-to-end capability’

He added: “Across the group we have that whole capability, and from a Leonardo Helicopters perspective, we have that end-to-end capability, so from design through testing, through production, through training, through live support.”

Commenting on his role as chief test pilot, Burnand said it was “probably not as exciting as a day in the life of a normal test pilot, in that I have a few more meetings, but it’s great job, one I’ve done for a while and what one I enjoy very much, an exciting mix of flying some great aircraft and a healthy dose of meetings as well”.
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