Close collaboration between industry and government helped deliver a hugely successful Bahrain International Airshow last month, said Gareth Rogers, CEO at Farnborough International.

Speaking from the event, Rogers said: “They approached us with an idea of bringing an international air show and wanted to use the Farnborough know how, the Farnborough knowledge, and we worked with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications.

“We’re constantly in touch with each other, we deliver some of the operational aspects of the show, but actually we help them with the strategic aspects of the show.

“It’s a real collaboration between the two sides. And we’re delighted to continue that partnership.”

Deal done and partnerships agreed

The show offered a platform for business and connections for the global leaders of the aviation and aerospace industry in Bahrain.

Deals were done, airline partnerships signed and innovation showcased.

Rogers added: “It’s been a real success, we’ve been away for four years, it’s been a very, very difficult time for the whole aerospace industry.

“But [this is] another opportunity to come back together here in the Middle East, a real focal point of the Middle East. And we’re just delighted to be able to help Bahrain deliver the airshow, so it’s been a real success.”

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