Imagine if helicopter systems never failed. Imagine if there were no obstacle collisions or accidents involving loss of control. Imagine if pilots were always able to correctly respond to warning systems, and that there were never any maintenance errors. Safety-focused trade association, HeliOffshore, is looking to make these scenarios a reality through a number of initiatives, including better industry collaboration around data.

Francois Lassale, operations director, HeliOffshore, told us more about the  Safety Intelligence Data programme, which is focused on collecting and and analysing helicopter flight data monitoring output from operators to identify causes and trends for operational safety performance issues

Lassale said, “It’s an opportunity for us to come together and share data collaboratively with a platform that’s going to be able to change the face of what we do as an industry.”

He added: “The OEMs are looking at their own individual aircraft – what we’ve been able to do is look across the whole industry to be more proactive, with the intent of eventually becoming more predictive.”

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