Allen Vanguard is one of the companies that has been working on the IED (improvised explosive devices) threat. Some of the technology involved in that is now being transferred to our next big threat: drones.

Bobby Strawbridge, Director, Business Development, Allen Vanguard, explains: “The counter drone threat [now] is what we saw in 2004 when the counter IED threat was emerging. It’s yet to be defined. What we understand is the fluid battlefield which the enemy works in and how they’re very adaptive in [introducing] new ideas for using drones as threats.”

He adds: “From our portfolio of counter IED devices…we have a wide capability.”

“What we’ve done is condensed that capability into a smaller box, which is only targeted in the areas the drones are working. We’re going to have a robust, simplistic and affordable entry-level unit.”

Keeping it simple

Affordability and simplicity are the key drivers, Strawbridge says. The company is not focused on detection, tracking or classification.

Strawbridge comments: “We’re doing the nice robust, hemispherical umbrella protection to maybe 750 metres plus in a radius. So that’s how the drones are used for payload delivery, for reconnaissance…. That is more than enough of an umbrella.”

He explains: “Some of the multi-sensor systems we see deployed are over $1 million/£1 million. It’s going to be much more affordable. You’re talking about tenths of fractions of that.”

Watch the full interview for more insights.

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