Honeywell and Hanwha Systems have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on unmanned aerial systems and urban air mobility (UAS/UAM) technology development in South Korea.

Based in South Korea, Hanwha Systems provides smart technologies in defense electronics and information infrastructure. Honeywell is a leader in UAS/UAM technology, offering a wide variety of ready-now technologies helping customers create a more sustainable future for aviation.

Under the terms of the MOU, Honeywell and Hanwha Systems will investigate various hybrid propulsion solutions for Hanwha Systems’ UAM platform and the application of Honeywell’s broader portfolio of competitive offerings designed to enable the UAS/UAM market.

New business opportunities

“We are focusing all our efforts in developing UAM airframe, vertiport and transport management services to secure a leading position in global UAM value chains,” said Sungchul Eoh, CEO, Hanwha Systems.

“By fully leveraging strengths with main players in the global aerospace industry, such as Honeywell, we are seeking to develop new business opportunities in this market.”

“Urban air mobility will revolutionize the future of transportation, drastically improving sustainability, transportation logistics and customers’ passenger experience,” said David Shilliday, vice president and general manager, Power Systems, Honeywell Aerospace.

“We are excited to expand our work in this area through this collaboration with Hanwha Systems, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems in Korea.”

“Collaborating on the development of urban air mobility technology aligns with our customers’ defense modernization programs,” said Ricky Freeman, president, Defense and Space, Honeywell Aerospace.

“Honeywell’s urban air mobility and electric propulsion systems play a critical role and are key enablers of the battlefield of the future.”

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